Mens Ministry and Evangelism
Derwin Derkson

Great revivals or "movements" in history have many times been precipitated by a single man; one man determined to approach absolute consecration to God.  The resulting movements were not movements of professionals but common lay people who became available to the Spirit.

It is our conviction that one consecrated man can still change the course of history.  First in the home, in the community and then the world!  While the definition of manhood is under attack today, the greatest example remains lived in the life of Jesus; his integrity was as strong as steel while soft as a summer breeze in His approach to children and the needy.  Mercy undeserving and truth unyielding were perfectly balanced in Jesus!  Our mission is to become like Christ; true manhood and Christ-likeness are synonymous!

Our local church started our first "Men on a Mission" trip planned for the late spring.  We approached the district late last year about a vision to help upgrade a building for a small Apostolic group in the remote village of Poplar Hill, Ontario.  Our desire is to build a bridge of friendship with our Anishinabe brethren.  The materials have been purchased and have been taken over the ice.  We are planning to fly a group of men up and assist them in putting up new shingles, fascia and soffit.  I think a little fishing may be in order as well!

Let's envision the day when men in central Canada will work together to build churches.  Men are fulfilled when they become men of action.  The time for another generation of Acts is at hand!  Let's build together and build for eternity! 

   November 2018   
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